Express yourself by crafting with your hands!

Have you ever wanted to make a rug with unique design for your home or as a gift to someone?
To try a new artistic activity?
You have seen the videos of rugmaking / tufting online and interested in experiencing it yourself?
Our interactive workshop is here to help!

  • Everything is provided

    We prepare everything and provide instructions, tools, materials, drinks & snacks!

  • Guiding you through the process

    We are in the studio all the time, instructing you and assisting with any difficult moments

  • Artistic and beginner friendly

    Tufting is not a difficult thing to do - no prior experience needed, but meditative and fun!

Tufting is a way of rugmaking, a process of putting a yarn into the canvas using a special machine, called tufting gun. It is a simple and fun activity, where you get to express your creativity and craft a rug with your design!

During the workshop you will learn how to use a tufting gun and will make a rug with the design you have chosen in a selected size. 

More details and workshop dates are available via the button below.

  • 1. Book a workshop that you like, choosing the rug size, and send us the design, that you want to make - recommendations here.

  • 2. Come to the prepared studio on the day of workshop: your design is traced on the canvas and we will suggest the yarn colors to you (you can change them if you want).

  • 3. We will teach you how to handle a tufting gun and you will practice for a bit. After that you will start putting the yarn into the cloth, making your rug. In the end of the workshop, you will shave the rug.

  • 4. If you want to glue and finish the rug yourself and take it with you straightaway, it can be done on a separate day. We will instruct you how to do it.

    Otherwise, we will complete your rug in 5-7 days.

  • 5. Receive your handmade piece!

Workshop can be a gift!

Just choose the size of the rug - the receiver of the gift card can pick up the date and the program themselves!

How to find us

Our address is Jönsaksentie 6, 01600 Vantaa. Google maps

More detailed instructions are here.


Want something special?

Did not find a suitable time? Want to host a corporate event, party, organise a date or make a huge rug? Or just have some questions? We are happy to help you!

Reach out

How difficult is this workshop?

The workshop is not difficult, but it takes around 20 minutes to understand the use of the tufting gun and around 30 more minutes to get a hang of it properly. After that it is a smooth ride!

Moreover, rugs are quite forgiving on the mistakes, so there is not need to stress about them.

If you get tired, you can always rest and get a cup of tee / coffee.

What is included in the workshop?

- We set up the frame with your design traced onto the cloth (if you want to draw something yourself, please, notify us in advance).

- We will prepare the yarn. But you can also pick the colors from available ones, if you want to change them.

- We will instruct you on how to make the rug

- We will assist you during the whole process. We will be around for the entire session if you need anything.

- Finishing of a rug is included - if you want, you can finish it yourself on the second day, otherwise we will do it for you and the rug will be waiting for you in our studio.

- All the tools and materials are included, alongside some drinks and snacks.

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