Hanging options for rugs

Hanging options for rugs

We have a few options on how to turn rugs from floor pieces, to wall hanging ones.


1. Wooden bar and a string / Puinen tanko ja naru

Classic one, does not really need an introduction. The wooden bar can be removed - this way the rug can be placed on the floor also.


2. Cloth hooks / Kankaasta tehdyt renkaat

These go on the back, and basically the main way at the moment to hang a non-rectangle rug. Also this options has an upside feature, that the rug can lay flat on the floor, making it 2-in-1 solution for floor and wall.


3. Wooden bar and rings / Puinen tanko ja renkaat

Works really well - the rugs stays flat on the wall and the rings are not seen. Solid option for picture-look. 


We are also working on two new options. One is for non-rectangle rugs - we will cut out the shape from the plywood. This way rugs will remain flat on the wall. The second one is for rectangle rugs only - on a rectangle frame. Should make rugs more strict in shape, can't wait to test it out!


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