Anxiing x Hanna Lehikoinen: Tattoo Rugs

Anxiing x Hanna Lehikoinen: Tattoo Rugs

We have always thought that traditional tattoo's designs will look really good on rugs. And when we proposed this idea to Hanna, she was in!

Hanna Lehikoinen (@hannalehikoinen) is a Helsinki based tattoo artist, who works in traditional. A little bit on how the collab went can be seen below.

It took surprisingly long time to get the colors right - it is probably the first time that this happened to us. Hanna wanted the colors to be perfect, so we went trough a number of tests doing palettes. Now, we do it for all the rugs, since it helps to understand, how the colors will look on a finished product.

We started with a line of three rugs, one of them Hanna designed for herself, Moon went for giveaway and Heart was planned for sale. We decided to make them all quite big, and only one of each design.

The heart is still available for the purchase (at the moment of me writing this). 

If you missed it, or want one of two others, there is still a way to get them - just reach out to us. But, as it is said, the new rugs will not be exact copies; Hanna will draw new designs, that are similar, but not the same.

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