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Workshop 27 - 28 April

Workshop 27 - 28 April

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Time: 27 - 28.04.2024, 11.00

Length: 2 days (~3 hours + ~2 hours)

Includes: Tufting + Glueing + Shaving - full process and the rug is completed by the end of the workshop

Rug size: working space is 40 x 40 cm, so that is an approximate maximum size of the rug. You can do one bigger rug or two smaller rugs, for example. If you want your rug to be a wall-piece, tell us in advance

Location: our studio Jönsaksentie 6, 01600 Vantaa. How to get there

Language: we speak English and Russian and Finnish to some extent

How it goes:

On the first day of the workshop we will teach you how to handle a tufting gun and after that you will use it to make the rug of your design. We will always be by your side, solving the problems and helping with difficult moments. By the end of the day you will glue the rug.

On the second day you will cut out the rug from the frame, glue the backing and shave the top of the rug and the sides. In the end of the session you take your completed rug home!


P.S. We will send you a letter to your email address with all the important information within 24 hours of buying the course from our email If you have not received such an email, please, contact us.

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How does this whole thing works?

1. You book workshop you want to attend.

2. You send us the design that you want to make. Recommendations can be found here.

3. You come to our studio to the prepared frame and yarn. We instruct you on using the tufting gun and help you if any issues arise.

4. If your workshop is 2 days workshop - then on the next day you come to finish your rug under our supervisuion. Otherwise, we finish it in 5-7 days.

5. You receive your rug!

What is included in the workshop?

- We set up the frame with your design traced onto the cloth (if you want to draw something yourself, please, notify us in advance).

- We will prepare the yarn. But you can also pick the colors from available ones, if you want to change them.

- We will instruct you on how to make the rug

- We will assist you during the whole process. We will be around for the entire session if you need anything.

- If it is a 1 day workshop, we will complete your rug and it will be available for pick up at the studio. We can also ship it to you for an additional fee.

- All the tools and materials are included, alongside some drinks and snacks.

How to prepare for the workshop?

1. Send us your preferable rug / rugs design / designs before coming to the workshop. Preferably, 2 days in advance, but on shorter notice may also work ( it is better to ask us about that).

Here are some guidelines on how to choose the design.

If you want to do free hand (draw the design yourself already at the studio), it is a good idea to mention the colors, so that we would have all the required ones on hand. We do have a stock, but maybe you need some specific ones.

And that is it!

How to pick a design of the rug?

You can always check our recommendations for the design here.

You can also just reach out to us with the design that you want to do and we will say, if it works or not and will help you to simplify it, if necessary.

Please, try sending us the design at least two days before the workshop. On shorter notice may also work ( it is better to ask us about that).

You can also draw the design yourself right at the workshop, but then it is a good idea to mention the colors that you want to use, so that we would have all the required ones on hand. We do have a stock, but maybe you need some specific ones.

What to take with to the workshop? Food, water, clothes?

1. On the day of the workshop it's best to go with comfy and casual clothes that can handle a little mess. If you wear long hair, bring something to put them away.

2. You can take spare footwear, since it is quite warm in the studio.

3. You may want to take a water bottle or some snacks - we have coffee, tea & some snacks available and microwave oven available. Anyway, there is a shopping center close nearby.

Otherwise, just take your good mood - we have everything else!

How to get to the studio?

How dirty / loud is the process?

The tufting part is not loud, but if you want, you can bring ear protection, or we have it on the site.

Tufting part is a bit dusty, but it will end up on the floor, not on you.

Glueing / shaving part is not loud at all, but way more dusty, so be prepared for that.

How difficult is this workshop?

The workshop is not difficult, but it takes around 20 minutes to understand the use of the tufting gun and around 30 more minutes to get a hang of it properly. After that it is a smooth ride!

Moreover, rugs are quite forgiving on the mistakes, so there is not need to stress about them.

Can I cancel or modify my reservation?

Yes, you can cancel or modify your reservation (for example, transfer it to another person or move it to another date), but only 48 hours in advance. Otherwise, purchase is binding.